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St Oswald's Hospice

This year, our charitable donations are focused on raising money for St Oswald's Children's Hospice. 

We were lucky enough to be able to take part in the St Oswald's Great North Elmer Parade. We now have our very own Elmer proudly on display in school.

Why Elmer?

We can stand out from the herd with Elmer, the ambassador of friendship and celebrating difference; things we strive to teach children as they grow up in the modern world. Elmer’s story is one that resonates with children and families alike: in the end, it’s best to show your true colours. Elmer’s story also demonstrates that it’s ok to sometimes want to be part of the herd, to ‘fit in’ but ultimately people love you for what makes you ‘you’.

North Tyneside Council


Local Library

Lettings at Benton Dene Schools